About us

Brothers Fix It offers a wide range of air conditioning, heating and ventilation devices, meeting the residential and commercial sector’s various needs. Go for the comfortable coolness in the summer and enveloping heat in the winter, thanks to installing a wall-mounted or central heat pump. Our team provides efficient and professional residential service, from the evaluation of your project to the installation of your air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.

Whether it is for a new construction, a renovation, or an addition to your home, we have the skills and expertise to suit your needs and budget.

Following your situation’s assessment, we can offer you the ideal solution for your air conditioning, heating, or ventilation of your home. Installing a new air condition system, its repair or maintenance might be complicated.

HVAC installation and maintenance includes significant investment, and getting the things done right can be a primary concern for home and business owner.

That means that you need to work with professionals who are well versed in providing HVAC service and can operate efficiently and effectively. We offer complete air condition installation, repair, and maintenance service throughout Connecticut.

Our professionals offer quick and reliable options for our customers and welcome their concerns with open arms.